Methodist Church members help tarp roofs in SWLA

Methodist Church members help tarp roofs in SWLA

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - If you already have a tarp on your roof, the idea of wind and rain heading this way may be frightening and upsetting, especially if your tarp is not well secured.

And there are plenty of roofs with tarps blowing around in the rain and workers trying to better secure them.

Mel Yorks had a tarp in place, but it was leaking. He appreciates a church disaster crew from North Carolina stepping up to help.

“We had some roof damage.  We have an asbestos roof and it’s getting a little worse.  It has clips and as one piece falls off another clip will let loose.  So, these gentlemen are from North Carolina Methodist.  They were helping out with some other things and they were in the area and decided to come back by and help out.”

Al Miller, with the Methodist Disaster relief group says they are trying to help as many people as possible.

“We’ve been here for two and a half weeks.  Our goal is to try to get tarps on as many homes as possible.  The key is to make sure your tarp is put on correctly.  Many tarps are not secured properly and they’re blowing away in the wind,” said Miller.

If anyone needs to reinforce their tarp, Miller says it’s better to avoid climbing high up while it’s wet and slippery.

“You just have to be as safe as you can.  Have somebody there to help you, try to do it when it’s not raining down on you, but sometimes you’ve got to get wet,” said Miller.

Though things may seem a bit bleak with more stormy weather headed this way, Mel says don’t lose the faith.

“Just hang in.  I know our fingernails are getting short but, the fingernail files are available,” said Yorks.

So, if you need to reinforce your tarp be very careful.  Now is no time to add an injury to the post-Laura challenges.

Anyone interested in asking the church team for help should go the web site of Louisiana Methodist Church.

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