LaGrange High School cancels 2020 football season

LaGrange High School cancels 2020 football season

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - LaGrange High School has canceled its 2020 football season due to the damage sustained from Hurricane Laura. The school made the decision following a meeting of all CPSB principals and coaches last week.

“I guess after we had the meeting with the Superintendent and saw all of the different things that we had to do to get ready to practice. We were not going to be able to do all of that,” admitted LaGrange head football coach Marrico Wilson. “I have five coaches that do not have a place to stay I don’t know how many kids even have a place to come back to either.”

“It wasn’t even a hard decision after that meeting.”

In the meetings CPSB schools agreed that the first day of practice would be September 21 and that all schools would skip week one of the season. CPSB schools will open their season October 8.

Wilson admits LaGrange was one of the most damaged schools in the area. Since the football team’s fieldhouse is connected to the school, it also received major damage.

“I have mold on my shoulder pads and helmets and we can’t even get back in the building. They let me go back in just so I could take pictures and stuff because it’s deemed unsafe,” Wilson said. "So how am I expected to practice?

In addition to the damage sustained, many LaGrange players and coaches are still displaced.

“My coaches are all over from New Orleans and Houston to Dallas and my kids are the same way in New Orleans, Lafayette, Dallas, San Antonio and Shreveport. They are all over,” said Wilson. “I had to think about my coaches and their families and my kids and their families. Not just myself and loving the game of football. Am I going to miss it? Yes. But I think it was a decision that was made for my coaches and their families and my kids and their families.”

LaGrange joins Elton as the only Southwest Louisiana schools to officially cancel the season.

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