'Sawdust Soldiers’ clean yards for Allen Parish community

'Sawdust Soldiers’ clean yards for Allen Parish community

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Since the day after the storm, Eric Kuyper and the “Sawdust Soldiers” have been helping cut trees and remove debris from homes of those that can’t do it themselves.

“A group of us just started everyday, clearing three and four houses, five houses, yards, driveways, getting limbs off of people’s yards and everything else,” Kuyper said. “Really focusing on the disabled, the elderly, low-income, people that couldn’t afford these $2,500 and $7000 bills that they were seeing.”

The “Sawdust Soldiers” of American Legion Post 244 have cleared over 40 homes, all free of charge.

“We never ask for anything except for a handshake and a hug from anybody’s yard that we clean, because we understand that they’re in difficult trying times."

For Tamra Daigle, her good intentions of asking and paying someone in the community left an unfinished tree ready to fall in her yard.

“We’re in a bad time everywhere,” Daigle said. “We got unemployment, we got some of us that live on less than $200 a week. You know, it’s hard when somebody takes from you.”

The “Sawdust Soldiers” saw Daigle’s situation, and they cleared it up for free.

To request a clearing or to donate, contact the “Sawdust Soldiers” HERE.

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