North Lake Charles set to have power by Sept. 23, according to Entergy

Updated: Sep. 15, 2020 at 10:35 PM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Crews from all over the country are in Southwest Louisiana working to restore power.

Seeing Lake Charles in such disarray has been challenging for Entergy lineman, Frank Green, who is also a resident.

“To come back home and see your whole city pitch black and dark as you’re driving through every night, you know that can be kind of touching to the heart. But you know, were working on it day by day to pick it up and get it back rolling,” Green said.

According to Entergy’s power outage map, a good portion of South Lake Charles is back online, but it’s a different story in North Lake Charles.

“Because of the catastrophic damage that many times you see on our transmission lines, much of that going down Broad Street and First Avenue. Well, the transmission lines daisy train from one substation to the next and were trying to feed our Goosport substation.”

Green says restoring power to neighborhoods starts with the transmission lines and substations. As they repair those, they can move on to smaller streets.

He says crews are working non-stop to get lines in the North Lake Charles area back up, and stronger than before.

“That pole behind us, it got crushed. It got torn down. When we came back, we came back with a bigger pole that was stronger that would be able to handle more of a load. We also reconfigured our wires to take more of the load off of the crossarm and put it on the actual pole.”

Green says he wants North Lake Charles residents to know they are being taken care of.

“It’s contractors from all over the country, they’re here working to get you back on and get you back on as quickly as possible and its going to be incredible. We want it where once the juice comes on we want it to stay on.”

A customer information center is open for residents to go and ask questions about restoration estimates, and what electrical equipment is the homeowners responsibility or Entergy’s.

Entergy’s customer information center is located at 2150 Opelousas street in North Lake Charles.

As last check, Entergy says the majority of customers in the North Lake Charles area can expect to have power by Sept. 23 and others in outlying areas by Sept. 30.

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