Teacher in France, who taught in Sulphur, works on project for SWLA with students

Published: Sep. 14, 2020 at 10:37 PM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - A former SWLA teacher, who is now back in France, is working on a project with her students to help Lake Charles, making the support for Southwest Louisiana international.

Miss Sandrine le Galliard has ties to the area and she wants her friends and former students to know she hasn’t forgotten about them.

So, with song, dance, and even t-shirt designs, middle school students in France are working on a year-long project to help support our community in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.

When Miss Sandrine showed pictures of Louisiana to her coworkers in France after Laura, they immediately came up with a school project.

“I want them to know that people are here up in France do think about them.”

Sixth through ninth grade at Notre Dame Middle School will work on a lot, such as learning Cajun French and writing a song in three different languages. All to understand Louisiana, a place where part of Miss Sandrine’s heart is.

“That’s something I want my students to feel, the community spirit. The community spirit comes more from people."

Miss Sandrine was a foreign associate teacher for three years, teaching at schools such as Maplewood Elementary in Sulphur.

“Sandrine was an awesome teacher. Great relationship with the kids, always doing innovative things as far as technology," said Brad Brinkley, principal at Maplewood Elementary. ”I’m not at all surprised that she would wanna do something for Southwest Louisiana because she did love it here and we loved having her."

With students hoping to visit Louisiana one day, Miss Sandrine hopes to keep in touch.

Le Galliard says there will also be a charity event and a prayer group for Louisiana throughout the year.

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