Texas company provides hot meals in DeQuincy

Texas company provides hot meals in DeQuincy

DEQUINCY, La. (KPLC) - Vortech Contracting out of Winnie, Texas came into the Lake Charles area shortly after Hurricane Laura, with one goal in mind.

“We were affected a couple years ago and Louisiana came and did everything they could to us, so we’re trying to repay it,” said Jarrod Abalos with Vortech Contracting. “We’ve been here about two weeks serving different areas.”

The group is trying to help some of the smaller towns, like DeQuincy and Sulphur, by giving out free hot meals.

“We have some hot links, boudin. Other days we’ve had spaghetti, lasagna. Whatever we can get out we’ll give it out,” said Abalos.

Organizers say the group started with a few hundred meals to give out per day, but as the need grew, the number of meals grew with it.

“Last couple of days it’s been over a thousand. Today [Friday] we cooked for 1200. We’ve just been adding as we go. I don’t want to turn anyone away if I can help it,” said Abalos.

With full hearts, and stomachs, the group is looking to feed and help as many as they can for as long as they can.

“Just yesterday a lady was just trying to thank me and all I told her was ‘we’ll be back tomorrow’ and she just lost it,” said Abalos. “Just being there for them in that way is unbelievable, just for a sack lunch.”

Organizers say they are going to take a break over the weekend but they plan to be back in DeQuincy by next week.

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