Experience and praise got two Vinton residents through the storm

Experience and praise got two Vinton residents through the storm

VINTON, La. (KPLC) - Life experience and praise, that’s what got two Vinton residents through Hurricane Laura.

“That wind started whipping again and it tried to suck me out in the open, and I pushed my way back into the house.”

Hurricane Laura isn’t Matthew Joseph’s first major disaster.

“I rode out Hurricane Katrina and Rita and Gustav. Now, I’ve gotten a taste of Laura, and it’s not nice.”

Joseph weathered the storm in a friends brick home in Vinton, and he returned to several damages days later.

“The whole room right there is blown away. The whole roof top is gone completely. It’s a Band-Aid I’ve got on it right now," Joeseph said. “I have no shingles on there. I have no metal on there. It rained for four time in my house before I could finally get it tarped.”

Joseph says he and his family are unable to live in the home due to the damages. So, they’ve been living in their vehicles since the storm.

Joseph isn’t the only one who stayed back for the storm.

Melva Guidroi, 84, stayed behind with her daughter. She says song and praise are what gave them hope during the storm.

“I said, the storms coming. I could hear the wind,“ Guidroi said. “I said, Dear Lord, we are your children, You are the Father. Please cover us with your precious blood, and let nothing happen to us. The storm just zoomed over us and took this roof.”

While things won’t be going back to normal in their community anytime soon, both say they are thankful to have made it through the storm.

”It was made all over. I wanted to shout, I wanted to holler, I wanted to run, I just was so happy. The tears started rolling."

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