Entergy Louisiana: power restoration for Hurricane Laura largest in company’s history

Entergy Louisiana: power restoration for Hurricane Laura largest in company’s history

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Power restoration in Calcasieu Parish, was estimated to take four to six weeks, but just two weeks later, some homes are already seeing power.

“We had major infrastructure damages to our transmission system and our distribution system, which you see along the roadway,” said Margaret Harris, Customer Service Manager for Entergy Louisiana.

Over 20,000 homes have already had their power restored.

“It’s a large team effort,” Harris said. “We also have many people working behind the scenes that you don’t see, to look at different ways to get power to our communities that might not be the traditional way that it was served in order to restore and recover more quickly.

Entergy Louisiana contracted companies to help with the restoration effort, making it the largest power restoration in their company’s history.

“We have had 30 different states represented in this recovery area, and I’m proud to say, that people have worked together closely to restore power and to get the lines back up so that life can return to some sense of normalcy as soon as possible.”

Among the contracted companies is Haugland Energy from Long Island, New York, who have already been in Southwest Louisiana for the past 16 days.

“I’m really happy that we can come down here and help this community, help Southwest Louisiana, and it shows the dedication to bring us all the way from New York down here, the dedication to the community and the restoration.” said Keith Buynoch, superintendent for Haugland Energy.

Entergy Louisiana’s goal is to restore power to a majority of their customers by the end of September.

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