DeQuincy resident recalls damage to her home after Hurricane Laura

DeQuincy resident recalls damage to her home after Hurricane Laura

DEQUINCY, La. (KPLC) - By the looks of the tree stumps on one DeQuincy property, you can see just how strong Hurricane Laura’s winds were.

“It was like explosions. They were just snapping. Some of them were just snapped off and I mean these are huge trees that are 40, 50, 60 foot tall that have been here for all these years,” DeQuincy resident Sandy Treme said.

Sandy has lived in her DeQuincy home for 25 years; what was once in a forest is now surrounded by barren land.

“Shock, you know. I mean, I know that’s a cliche that a lot of people say but it was just unbelievable, really,” Sandy said.

She said she rode out the storm inside her home, praying alongside her family.

“It was scary. If you were human, you were scared to death,” Sandy said.

When it was over, the hardships had only begun.

The family no longer uses the second floor because of water damage.

“So, there’s water in the walls, water in the electrical, and the floor had several inches of water upstairs. So, that was dripping through,” Sandy said.

Like many others, their electricity is out but Sandy said a generator is keeping the lights on.

For how long they’ll have to use the generator; Sandy said that’s one of the biggest problems they face.

“Inspectors can’t come until September the 26. We will have to be like this, like we are today, with generators because we’re afraid to turn the electric on,” Sandy said.

Having lived through Hurricane Audrey in 1957, Sandy said she understands how long it’ll take to rebuild.

But for now, she said they will have to sit for another few weeks “without any knowledge of what they’re going to pay or not pay.”

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