Female construction crew aids in disaster restoration

Female construction crew aids in disaster restoration


Construction crews are coming from all over to help in disaster cleanup after Hurricane Laura.

On of those crews has a powerful motto: Empowering women, putting strength in structure.

Rebuilding after Hurricane Laura is going to be a really long road, that’s why Pink Belts Construction’s all-female crew has come to the Southwest Louisiana area to help.

“So, the projects that we’re working on, we’re doing roofing. That’s my trade. I deal with insulation, remediation, drying out, tear down, you name it,” said Robyn Garton, President of Pink Belts Construction.

Garton and her crew are looking for volunteers to help in rebuilding efforts.

“We’re looking for the females here in the Louisiana area, wherever that they want to come from, please contact me because we’re going to need you. We’re going to make a difference in Louisiana.”

The company is even partnered with a Lake Area business.

“We have a locally-owned insulation company called BHI insulation. We are pairing with these wonderful women and helping to see what we can do to help get this city and town and surrounding areas back on their feet," explained Alexa Lejeune, with BHI Insulation.

They are also able to assist homeowners in filing insurance claims.

“So, let’s say a homeowner is like, ‘I don’t understand this process. I need help.’ That’s where I come in and we’ll sit down, I’ll explain the whole thing to you, and then we’ll file your claim,” Pink Belt Construction’s Christina Lane said.

Garton says not only are they doing construction work, but they are also helping get supplies to affected families.

“We just want to be a part of it and help the people become settled because we believe that when the people are settled, then the rest will fall into place. It’s the people that come first...We’ve got to get the families settled; the people settled. Humanity starts first. You know what, the contracting work will come after."

They say they’ll need plenty of volunteers, so if you want to join, you can call them at (780) 932-8766. You can also visit their website Pink Belt Roofing.

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