Beauregard Parish School system announces the damage to its schools

Beauregard Parish School system announces the damage to its schools
South Beauregard Upper Elementary (Source: BPSB)

BEAUREGARD PARISH, La. (KPLC) - Hurricane Laura brought lots of damage to Beauregard Parish.

As a result, many schools in the Beauregard Parish School system also suffered.

However, according to Superintendent Tim Cooley, they have already assessed the damage and have started the recovery process.

“Beauregard Parish School Board employees were on the ground the day after Hurricane Laura assessing damage to our schools and facilities and beginning the clean-up process,” Cooley said. “Some of our schools fared the storm well with little damage, while other schools were hit hard.”

South Beauregard

  • South Beauregard Upper Elementary has the most damage of the schools. The majority of the facility has roof, window, and wall damage. Water and debris were also in hallways and classrooms.
  • South Beauregard High School’s library has damage, as well as nearby hallways. The athletic areas also suffered damage.
  • South Beauregard Elementary has some water leaks and has the least amount of damage.

East Beauregard

  • East Beauregard High School’s roof has some damage and has left water in buildings. The band hall also sustained damage, along with the loss of the field house.
  • East Beauregard Elementary has water damage to the auditorium and cafeteria, several A/C units were also blown off the roof.


  • Merryville High School had water leak into the cafeteria and on the main gymnasium floor.


  • Singer High School had water leaks in the original gymnasium area and the front office.


  • K.R Hanchey Elementary, Title I, Beauregard Alternative, and the Bus Barn suffered minimal damage.
  • The Central Office has window and water damage. The maintenance building has lost its roof.
  • Carver Elementary’s library had its roof was peeled back, causing major water damage to contents within the library. Classrooms and restrooms on the adjoining hallway were also impacted.
  • Pine Wood Elementary has water damage in gymnasium due to windows being blown out.
  • DeRidder Junior High School sustained some water damage caused by holes in the roof.
  • DeRidder High School’s main building suffered roof damage, lost the concession stand, and the roof of the field house was also lost.

The School Board has already reached out to Disaster Recovery Team.

They have also hired Cotton Contractors to install large generators at the schools. They hope the generators will get climate control back in order to stop mold and mildew and to begin the clean-up process.

“In addition to working with Cotton, we are also already in meetings with our insurance adjusters and with FEMA and GOHSEP to begin documenting the damage and creating lists of destroyed and lost items,” explained Cooley. “This will be a long process, but we are meeting daily with representatives from each of these groups as we tackle the recovery one step at a time.”

Cooley says they are also making plans to continue educational instruction as soon as it is safe to facilitate. They hope to have a reopening plan for schools by Sept. 17.

“We will all get through this together,” he concluded. “Each day we make progress toward returning our school system to its main purpose of educating the students of Beauregard Parish. We appreciate your understanding and your patience as we navigate this process as a community.”

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