Journey Home organization helps veterans in need in Sulphur

Journey Home organization helps veterans in need in Sulphur

SULPHUR, La. (KPLC) - There’s an organization in Sulphur helping those who fought for this country get back on their feet after the storm.

Eldon Solomon traveled from Indiana to Louisiana with his organization called Journey Home, a non-profit with a mission to end veteran homelessness.

“The hurricane has created a need that the veterans didn’t know they had,” he said.

Solomon said they started this organization a year ago because of hurricanes like Laura.

Now, they’re giving out meals in hopes of finding veterans to connect them with the Veterans Affairs.

“Veterans need specialized approach in language and the VA Process of eligibility is very complicated so we were ask to by these organizations to connect with veterans impacted by Laura and provide them with food and help them find what their needs are."

Solomon said they are working with seven people and hope to find more.

He says many of the vets they’re assisting didn’t need help from the VA at first, but Laura has changed things.

“We had a veteran sitting in our tent and he had some friends, a veteran, that just had a leg injury just recently."

One of those people is army vet Samuel Mesuch. His home has major roof damage, and he can’t live in it.

“They fed me a little while I had no food for a couple of days,” Mesuch said after getting assistance.

He is now returning the favor by spreading the word to his friends. “I went around my neighborhood asking everyone who was veteran."

He said disasters like this bring back many memories, and many veterans don’t know how to get the help they need.

“I was talking a gentleman on Miller Street and he was also in combat he had it bad, he was all shook up, because it is like combat,” he said.

Mesuch said he’s thankful a group like this is here. “We’re going to make it."

For more information on how to get help, visit Journey Home’s website.

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