Volunteer organizations offer assistance to North Lake Charles

Volunteer organizations offer assistance to North Lake Charles

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Volunteer organizations are traveling far and wide to bring aid to people struggling after Hurricane Laura.

One drive-thru distribution site at the Southwest Louisiana Health Center, in North Lake Charles, is giving out food, water, and hygiene kits.

And it’s the same place where Chief Executive Officer Jayvon Muhammad rode out Hurricane Laura.

“I watched the building come apart because I knew that right after the building, excuse me, right after the hurricane we would have to respond. So, my team has been responding since the morning after Laura hit. Calling people, gathering resources, making sure that we would be able to provide.”

Donations are constantly being unloaded from the back of trucks and one restaurant from Lafayette is cooking hot meals for people they believe are being overlooked.

“North side is an under-served part of the city. A lot of the businesses and other establishments have been going to the other sides of the city and not servicing this side,” said Trey-Jan Vinson, K.O.K Wings & Things Chief Marketing Officer. “So, we’re making sure that our contributions are helping everyone.”

Which brought Alisha Auzenne all the way from Houston, Texas to help those in need.

Even providing words of encouragement to a woman who is left living in her car after Hurricane Laura.

“For her to sit there and just sit there and cry, it kind of rubbed me a little bit scared because I’m like ’man, I’ve been here.’ I’ve experienced this and I just told her, you know what, get out. Let me hug you because at one point I didn’t get the hugs. When I was homeless, I didn’t get the hugs. So, I got out and hugged her and told her it was going to be okay. Keep holding on.”

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