Local Hospital being evacuated

Theresa Schmidt interviews Matt Felder about Memorial Hospital's evacuation.
Updated: Aug. 27, 2020 at 10:46 PM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Lake Charles Memorial Hospital is having to evacuate patients to other facilities due to losses of power and water.

Director of Communications at Lake Charles Memorial, Matt Felder, says the loss of water causes many problems for their hospital.

“You don’t have a supply to the air conditioning units. What that has done is compromise our OR, you know, made it to where we can’t really sterilize equipment, there’s a lot of condensation and humidity all over the building.”

Felder says they are moving patients to facilities across the state to receive medical care.

“When we found out it’s going to be a while before municipal water, in the amount we use, is going to be available, we contacted Louisiana Emergency Response Network.”

Felder says critical patients are being moved out first.

“We have about 19 NICU babies here, from our women’s campus, and then some dialysis patients. Those took first priority, and we were able to get them out.”

Felder says most evacuees are being kept in Louisiana.

“Right now I believe everyone is staying in Louisiana,” Felder said. “Where they go is really up to the Louisiana Emergency Response Network.”

Felder says most hospitals in the area are in the same situations.

“Yes, I do believe all the hospitals are in the same situations, looking, and trying to define what is best for their patients and where to send them.”

Felder says Memorial has a limited staff, and critical patients will be brought to other facilities around the state once they are secured at Memorial.

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