Myles Brennan reflects on a long road to be QB1 at LSU

Myles Brennan reflects on a long road to be QB1 at LSU
Myles Brennan will be a redshirt junior this fall. (Source: Gus Stark)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Myles Brennan signed with LSU as a 175-pound teenager. Three years later, he's a 220-pound redshirt junior. Brennan is now QB1 for the Tigers, but it wasn't easy road to get there.s

“Yeah it’s been crazy. Yeah starting with 2017 and the coaching change. That’s bound to happen in this business. I committed under Les (Miles) and Coach (Cam) Cameron. They end up getting fired. Come in with Coach Canada, a year later he’s gone. The Coach (Steve) Ensminger comes in and brings his offense. Coach Brady brings his offense, and here we are. Then COVID gets in the way. All that is going to prepare me to be a better person in the end, and to be stronger. Without adversity I don’t think I would be as strong as I am today. It’s just another speed bump in the road. But I’m more than capable, and confident we can all get through it,” said Myles Brennan.

The Saints are maintaining a “mini-bubble” from COVID-19 by staying at Loew’s Hotel. Brennan is trying to do the same at LSU

“I do live by myself. Which is nice in terms of going through this stuff right now. When I get done with football, I’m going back to my apartment and eating, watching film, studying. Then other than that, I’m waking up, and going back to work. Fortunately I do have online classes. I don’t have to be on campus as much. Which is nice. Yeah it’s been nice to not worry about being exposed to the outside community,” said Brennan.

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