Murder suspect asks for bond reduction

Murder suspect asks for $2.5 million bond to be reduced

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Jason Lee Lopez is one of three charged with the second-degree murder of Dustin Hammons in 2017, but now he’s asking that his bond be reduced.

Lopez wants his $2.5 million bond reduced so he can get out of jail while he awaits trial, but prosecutor Charles Robinson argues Lopez is too dangerous considering his gang membership.

“Not just any gang, but a racist, white supremacist, Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, which means three things: he’s extremely dangerous, he has connections that are extremely dangerous, and he’s a flight risk because the gang itself is out of state,” Robinson said. “So, for those reasons, it’s an obvious situation where this person needs to be held until his trial.”

Lopez testified via Zoom that he has belonged to the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas since 2006, but he said he did not want to give details out of fear for his own safety. The defense argued co-defendant Ashlyn Brown has a worse criminal history and is out on $50,000 bond.

Robinson tried to question Lopez about his tattoos, including 1488, which signifies ‘Heil Hitler,” and one tattooed across his neck.

“The man has a tattoo across his neck that says three can keep a secret if two are dead, and we’re talking about a murder case where there’s three co-defendants, so, presumably, three eyewitnesses to this crime.”

Judge Ron Ware did not allow detailed questioning about the Aryan brotherhood or the tattoos, but he refused to reduce bond saying Lopez is an extreme flight risk due to his Aryan gang membership and would present a danger to witnesses in the case.

Lopez’s trial date has been set for Sept. 28. He and his co-defendants will be tried separately on charges of murdering Hammons.

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