Protesters against Calcasieu’s monument decision launch economic boycott

Economic boycott due to monument decision.
Updated: Aug. 14, 2020 at 8:13 PM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Calcasieu police jurors voted against removing the confederate statue from the lawn of the old Calcasieu courthouse.

Although some breathed a sigh of relief at the decision, those who want it removed say it’s not over.

Protesters who have been fighting for the removal of the Confederate monument at the courthouse are kicking off an economic boycott of police jurors who voted to leave the monument where it is.

“We’ve decided to put out a boycott, an economic boycott of our police jurors as well as things that they are part of, such as their churches, their businesses and employers,” Cary Chavis said. “We’re not going to support these businesses until we have action, moving forward with the statue.”

Chavis said they will not stop until the statue is gone.

“The goal of the boycott is for people to understand that while the police jury has decided in this moment that black lives do not matter,” Chavis said. “Black dollars do matter and that it’s important for the green money that we do spend at different businesses and organizations matter to people and that we should not spend them, as well as our white allies, as well shouldn’t spend that money.”

Chavis said they’re calling for a boycott of their churches who support the statue staying where it is, saying that conflicts with the message to love one another.

“They should be a representation of love or what love stands for. So, we need these churches to stand in favor of the monument being taken down, because that’s a signal of white supremacy,” Chavis said. “Anyone who thinks this monument should stay up is in favor of white supremacy and racism.”

Chavis says the boycott is just the beginning and that other plans are in the works, and the boycott will continue as long as the monument stays up.

Later, McNeese State University released a statement expressing their disagreement with this tactic. This statement is attached below:

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