Former LSU president calls SEC push for sports ‘a big gamble'

Former LSU president calls SEC push for sports ‘a big gamble'
Oregon State University President F. King Alexander (Source: OSU)

(WAFB) - Former LSU President and current Oregon State University president F. King Alexander says the SEC could be making a grave mistake in its push to continue with fall collegiate sports.

“Logistically and realistically, it’s quite a gamble on their part … a big gamble,” Alexander said. “There are serious consequences if they lose.”

Alexander fired shots at the SEC for failing to postpone its season in an interview with The Oregonian on Thursday. Alexander was asked what his conference saw that the SEC didn’t.

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“I think, probably reality,” Alexander told the newspaper.

Alexander says the SEC is also facing political pressure to continue with the football season that isn’t as significant in Pac-12 states.

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SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey released a statement Tuesday saying the conference’s medical advisory group has given the SEC presidents permission to move forward with preparing for the college football season this fall.

Alexander spent seven years as president at LSU before taking over his current post as OSU’s fifteenth president on July 1.

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