Family-owned business on no McNeese sports: “It’s gonna be a huge impact for us”

Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 3:31 PM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - On game days, Mr. Bill’s Seafood Express is packed with McNeese students and family members in town to pregame before they tailgate.

“They come, have a Po’boy or half-boiled shrimp or whatever, and then they go out to tailgate and then they go to the game,” co-owner Chad Pousson said. “So it’s like a crowded busy day for us, very important for our little business.”

The family-owned restaurant has operated across from the Pokes’ campus for 29 years.

After McNeese announced the suspension of all fall sports, Pousson said the loss of revenue will be a huge impact on his business.

“What scares us is you’re not gonna have students maybe even on campus, you might not have their families come and visit ‘em, so that revenue especially right now with all the restrictions from the government and everything, we’re barely making it already,” Pousson said.

Although he feels bad for his business, Pousson said he feels bad for the administration who put in time and effort to prepare for the season.

“The coach and staff, the players ... everybody that puts in every single thing they do on a game day,” Pousson said. “They put in all that work, all the countless hours, and then it gets canceled right at the end.”

Without extra customers, Pousson said it’s important for the community to support small businesses.

“Every time something comes up, we’re fighters we just try to change and adapt - we don’t be negative we don’t complain, just move on and try to figure out another way to keep our business successful and serve the community.”

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