Local mother and son make “mask snaps” for community

Local mother and son make mask snaps for community

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - A Lake Charles boy and his mother are working together to make wearing masks a little bit easier.

They’re making what they call mask snaps.

Snipping, snapping, and a whole lot of ribbon has become the new normal in the Walker household.

Seven-year-old Brycen Walker and his mother, Yessica Walker, spoke with KPLC about their mask snaps. It’s a nifty tool that looks like a necklace and connects to your mask so, you don’t lose it.

“School is about to start and as a schoolteacher, my main concern was for Brycen to not either mix his mask up or lose his mask,” Yessica Walker said.

What started off as a simple “don’t lose your mask” conversation has now turned into an entrepreneurial effort by the mother and son.

“He’s been earning his money. So, we actually make him work,” she said.

While Brycen is definitely learning a thing or two about saving money, he said he wants something cool in return.

“I’m saving money for my ps5,” he said.

Yessica Walker said not only is her son learning about money and how a business works, he’s also learning how to do for others.

“We got something in the works to do something for a local autism center because we stocked up on autism ribbon. That way he learns the value of also giving back,” she said.

When you ask Brycen what he enjoys most about making the mask snaps. It’s simple, getting to spend time with his mom.

The Walkers are selling mask snaps at $3 for children and $4 for adults.

For more information on how to purchase a mask snap, click here.

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