Cassidy on unemployment and future stimulus bill

Cassidy on Unemployment and future stimulus bill

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Those struggling financially are waiting to hear if and when a new stimulus bill will be passed and what it will mean for individual families.

Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) says he wants to pay every American in a new round of stimulus, saying college kids and families with children were left behind in the last round. But he wants to lower the amount that comes on the relief paycheck for some adults.

Cassidy says under his proposal every American would receive $1,000. He believes the price tag would be higher on this relief package, but he is open to the paycheck amount being tweaked to so as not to raise the amount of money in the relief package.

Cassidy is hopeful Congress will come up with a broad relief package by the end of this week before lawmakers go on a planned August break. But he says if it is not completed, he is prepared to stay in

The last round of federally extended unemployment checks went out last week, dropping the average check of about $850 dollars down to just under $250.

“We need to have incentives for people to the same time support them if they can not find it,” said Sen. Bill Cassidy.

For months Senator Cassidy has pushed a proposed $500 billion dollar federal aid fund to help state and local government budgets, but with the more than 450,000 people currently collecting unemployment checks...he says the focus should shift to increased safety measures across the board to help get more people back to work.

“The more people drawdown, the more it drains the state’s reserves. Ultimately you replenish it by asking businesses to give more money with an indirect tax on employers. That’s not do that and they’re more than likely to go out of business...We’ve got to figure this out,” Cassidy said.

In a recent briefing governor, Edwards mentioned that the state’s unemployment fund was fewer than seven weeks away from running dry...meaning future smaller unemployment payments.

In a letter to the Louisiana delegation, Edwards is pushing for more federal dollars to specifically address unemployment in the next stimulus bill.

”In response to the governor’s specific request, there are states who have already borrowed. If that borrowing capacity needs to be there, I will support it.”

Cassidy says Senate Republicans did offer a short term extension that would extend the $600 benefit for one week or a $400 payment that would span over four months. He says those provisions were rejected by House Democrats.

Lawmakers are hoping to reach a deal on a new stimulus aid package by the end of the week.

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