Lyle Fontenot memorial to be constructed in Welsh

Lyle Fontenot memorial to be constructed in Welsh

WELSH, La. (KPLC) - On Cooper St., Lineman Lyle Fontenot died after touching an electrical wire. It was a day Mayor Carolyn Louviere remembers clearly.

”When I heard there was an accident, I was there. I went immediately and I went to get his mother, which was nearby. So, I feel like I was almost a part of that moment. It was very very hard.”

And the community remembers too.

Alderwoman Andrea King says, “It’s still hard to believe because as I’m standing here talking to you, and I told them this morning, I can still see Lyle’s face and him smiling. It’s a very big loss and he was a well-loved person in the town.”

That’s why at one of Lyle’s favorite spots, John Blank Sportsman Park, there will be a memorial for the man who kept the lights on.

Alderman Colby Perry explains, ”We will have this bench here, we will have a decorative planter, and we do have plans to do a plaque to explain who Lyle exactly was.”

To fund the project, underneath the bench will be bricks that Alderman Perry says, community members can choose to purchase and have engraved.

”So, it’s a memorial for Lyle but it’s also a community memorial and it’s very symbolic of Lyle because he loved the community and many people loved him as well.”

The community remembering her husband like this is something Malina Fontenot says she didn’t expect, “It means a lot to me and I know he’d love it. He’s up there smiling because he was always worried about people liking him. He was a great person.”

The Bricks are $45 each with the goal to sell 180 of them. You can find a link to purchase them HERE.

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