Former McNeese player, coach Kerry Joseph joins Seattle Seahawks coaching staff

Former McNeese player, coach Kerry Joseph joins Seattle Seahawks coaching staff
Kerry Joseph served on the McNeese coaching staff for three seasons (2016-18). (Source: KPLC)

SEATTLE, Wa. (KPLC) - Former McNeese quarterback and assistant coach Kerry Joseph continued his rise in the coaching ranks by landing a job on the Seattle Seahawks’ staff. Joseph is an offensive assistant coach and will aid running backs coach Chad Morton.

“I’m doing behind the scenes things like breaking down film and helping organize scripts and things like that. I’m continuing to grow and learn and I’m gonna sit back and learn this whole process,” said Joseph. “I’m an offensive guy and a quarterback guy, so I’m gonna be paying attention to the details of how things are read and commanded from the quarterback room as well because at some point I do want to be an offensive coordinator.”

“I’m thankful for Pete Carroll and the organization for entrusting me to come in and help them and to be a part of the process. As a coach you want to go to the highest level you can and to come back to Seattle, a place that I played, and be a part of this special organization and winning program is really great.”

Joseph enters just his fifth year in coaching with stops at McNeese and Southeastern. While in Lake Charles, he was the Cowboys’ co-offensive coordinator for three seasons coaching both the quarterbacks and wide receivers. This past season he coached on SLU’s staff serving as the Lions’ running backs coach and passing game coordinator.

“It was a door that was open then I wasn’t even looking for it, to be honest with you. I got a call from a former teammate that now works for the Seahawks and he gave me a heads up about an opportunity as an offensive assistant,” said Joseph. “I have always bet on myself saying that if I get a crack in the door let me go kick it down. When the opportunity presented itself, I talked to the wife and made sure she was cool with it and we went after it.”

In addition to his college coaching jobs, Joseph also spent time as a coaching intern with multiple NFL teams. He spent time working with the New Orleans Saints in 2014, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2017 and the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs a year ago.

“The Saints one was very good for me because I was able to stay there for three weeks and I wasn’t coaching yet,” said Joseph. “The biggest thing is that your network grows and you get the chance to be around good environments. You get a chance to sit in those meetings and see how coaches interact with players and how players respond. You have to realize that you’re coaching grown men now that are making a lot of money, so the way you handle them is different than the way you would handle college athletes.”

Joseph said his playing background prepared him to achieve his goal of coaching in the NFL. His 17-year pro career saw him take snaps in the NFL, NFL Europe and the CFL. The quarterback-turned-safety-turned quarterback was able to win conference championships, a World Bowl title and a Grey Cup championship.

“After playing for 17 years, I have been around a lot of football. Coaching is different, you have to be able to take that information and knowledge and be able to translate what you know down to the players to make sure they know and they can go out and execute,” said Joseph. “As a player, it was about how you perform on the field and what you took from the meeting room to the field.”

Joseph also admits his inner circle allows him to lean on experienced coaches when he has questions.

“I have learned a lot and I always leaned on Adam Henry, Corey Raymond, Dave Johnson and Curtis Johnson. I have always lean on people that have been around or through the process, just trying to get advice,” Joseph said. “I always held onto the words that it’s going to happen for you when it’s time, just make sure that you prepare and you’re ready for when it does happen.”

The New Iberia native said he also leaned on former McNeese coach Lance Guidry.

“He always told me don’t press for a job because the right one is going to come when you’re not even looking for it.”

That advice helped him get through this offseason after having an interest in multiple jobs on the McNeese coaching staff— including the head coaching position.

“I tried to get the McNeese job, and I knew that it may have been a longshot, but I don’t think it even really was a shot. It just wasn’t meant to be. Even talking to Frank Wilson and having an interview with him, that wasn’t meant to be, it just wasn’t right the right fit,” admitted Joseph. “This is the plan that God had for me and my family and due to patience and hardwork, it happened quickly. I’ve been preparing and I’ve been around a lot of football, so I’m excited.”

Joseph is hoping that he’ll be able to take advantage of the opportunity and stick around in the league. He said he has always leaned on the bible verse, ‘to whom much is given, much will be required’ (Luke 12:48).

“Now that I have the opportunity to be in the NFL with a great organization, my goal is to stick around for a long period. Pete has done a great job and just my few moments around him and listening and just the energy he brings and the staff brings, it trickles down to the players,” said Joseph. “I’m glad I’m here and my ears and eyes are open and I’m learning and growing and I’ll continue to press forward.”

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