Debate continues over South’s Defenders Monument in Lake Charles

Lake Charles City council hears public comments over the statue's future

Debate continues over The South’s Defender’s Monument

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - The Lake Charles city council met for a special meeting Tuesday night to vote on a resolution regarding the future of the confederate monument that stands in front of the old Calcasieu courthouse.

Citizens took to the city hall chambers, voicing their opinions on whether the South’s Defenders Monument should stay or go. For about two hours, nine people spoke in favor of the resolution and twelve spoke against it.

Some say the monument represents their heritage and our country’s history. Others say it’s a hurtful reminder of slavery in the United States, and it doesn’t belong on tax payer property.

While the meeting was an open space for conversation, the city council has no jurisdiction over the South’s Defenders monument. Although, they did vote to send a resolution to the Calcasieu Parish police jury, requesting they hold a public hearing to consider the future of the monument.

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