Downtown restaurant, MacFarlane’s, suffers storm damage

Downtown restaurant, MacFarlane’s, suffers storm damage

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Late Saturday afternoon, restaurant-goers in downtown Lake Charles were sent running for cover.

A burst of wind and rain down West Pine Street caught some off guard.

”We could hear the wind picking up, and then it got really, really loud and it sounded like somebody was walking upstairs in our building, and I know there’s nobody up there.”MacFarlane’s Manager Olivia Bellard describes the experience. “Our brick house doors are glass doors and when I got like two feet from them, they blew wide open and I could actually see it spinning.”

According to Bellard, she didn’t keep an eye on the storm. Instead, she was focused on getting her staff and patrons safely out of the way.

”I was more concerned about coming back in, trying to get them inside just in case. I didn’t want anybody to get hurt,” said Bellard. “Everybody was ok.”

The storm blew out a window at MacFarlane’s, but no other damage was reported.

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