80 days of grace and recovery

80 days of grace and recovery

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - It can be tough being separated from loved ones, especially when they’re fighting for their life. That’s the story of one Lake Charles couple that contracted COVID-19 in April and were apart for 80 days.

Allen Bilbo started off as friends with Georgianna’s sister. That’s when Georgianna told herself, “I hope to marry him. He was just so kind.”

They say they’ve had plenty of good years together. But in April of 2020 the pandemic swept through.

Allen said, “I was listening to the news and I knew it was bad. We started feeling bad but didn’t realize that’s what it was. It just kept getting worse. My daughter and son-in-law were having to be here.”

Their daughter Lorraine says once she saw them she knew they couldn’t stay in the house, “My daughter and I came in the house to check on them and I told her I said we have to go to the hospital. I knew then, we must pray and we set up a prayer line with my relatives. We even have a name now. It’s called 80 days of grace.”

On April 16th both Allen and Georgianna were admitted to the hospital but had to be separated. Allen says, “We were at the hospital at the same time. In all these years, this is the first time we were separate from one another.”

But Georgianna says that didn’t stop Allen from doing what he could to connect with her, “He would call every day. He would always say I love you and it just kept me motivated.”

And while Allen and Georgianna were battling the virus Lorraine says she and others were praying for them, “The nursing staff, when I say they were awesome. I would ask the doctor, I need to know exactly what we need to pray for tonight. Whether it was a fever, infection. When I say 80 days, we prayed every day.”

And then the day came that Allen and Georgianna finally got to see each other again, “When she came around that corner, it made all the difference in the world to see her.”

Georgianna says after all that she’s just happy to be back home with Allen, “I’m just happy to be home because I missed his birthday, Father’s Day, I was in the hospital, but at least, thank God I will be home with him for our anniversary, July 22, 1961. Like I said I just thank the Lord for bringing me through this.”

Their family is planning to celebrate the couple’s 59th wedding anniversary over Zoom.

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