Area doctors lend support to mask mandate

Area doctors lend support to mask mandate
Several area doctors have released a joint statement in support of a mask mandate. (Source: WTOC)

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Several area doctors have released a joint statement in support of a mask mandate.

Gov. John Bel Edwards issued a mask mandate for the state beginning at 12:01 a.m. Monday, July 13, due to the surging number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in Louisiana.

Lake Charles City Hall published the joint statement from the doctors on its Facebook page.

“We are seeing a marked increase in the rate of hospitalizations for COVID-19 in Southwest Louisiana. The most significant concern for the citizens of our region is the availability of intensive care unit beds. This is a precious resource which we must keep available to be used by our most critically ill.

The CDC and others have recommended mask use in the United States to slow the spread of COVID-19. While there are conflicting studies, the preponderance of evidence suggests that face masks and face coverings likely slow the spread of the virus.

Given this evidence and considering the minimal imposition on our lives, it seems most reasonable to utilize masks and face coverings in our day-to-day lives. Because of the rapid increase in the rate of hospitalization, I support a mask mandate at this time.”

John Noble, MD

David R Wallace, MD

David R Wallace Jr, MD

King White, MD

Lacey Cavanaugh, MD

Tim Haman, MD

Manley Jordan, MD

Lee J Monlezun, MD

John Winterton, MD

Juan Bossano, MD

Carl Nabours, MD

Keith DeSonier, MD

Mike Cormier, MD

Bruce Bordlee, MD

John DiDiglia III, MD

Jay Marque, MD

Brett Cascio, MD

Alice Prestia, MD

Anatole Karpovs, MD

Thomas Mulhearn IV, MD

Geoff Collins, MD

Gisele McKinney, MD

Maureen Olivier, MD

Craig Broussard, MD

Luke Williams, MD

Richard Gilmore, MD

Jim Brown, MD

Alyson Jones, MD

Donald Higgins, MD

Daniel Hall IV, DPM

Mallory Przybylski, DPM

Luther Sintim, MD

Tristan Washington, MD

Farrah Burhani, MD

Ameer Khan, MD

Matias Nauts, MD

Karen Fisher, MD

Lesly Varghese, MD

Kyle Nester, MD

Elise Lofton, MD

Bhaviniben Patel, MD

David Palombo, MD

Danette Null, MD

Jon Gray III, MD

Corey Foster, MD

Jason Fuqua, MD

Kelly Fuqua, MD

Lauren Jacoby, DO

Jake LeBeau, MD

Cristian Romero, MD

Rebecca Braud, MD

Edward Bergen, DO

Thomas Kazecki, MD

Mohammad Khan, MD

Steven Castleberry, MD

Brad Carlin, MD

Kaleb Pourciau, MD

Jose Gonzales, MD

Holly Kelley, DO

Thomas Marshall, MD

David Bracho, DO

Kristie Osteen, MD

Lee Miller, MD

Kerri Davis-Fontenot, MD

Martin Miller, MD

Jamal Saqer, MD

Ruby Gugol, MD

Stephanie Treme, MD

Katie Price, MD

Kipp Ardoin, MD

Cara Fontenot, MD

Elizabeth Murray, MD

Caroline Courville, MD

Cliff Courville, MD

Brandi Kelly Primeaux, MD

Melissa Rasberry, MD

Ben Williams, MD

Brett Goodwin, MD

Carlos Teran, MD

Richard Martinez, MD

Jason Berklow, MD

Bridget Loehn, MD

Kenneth Leger, MD

Ross Hardy, MD

Rachel Chatters, MD

Yoko Broussard, MD

Gary Kohler, MD

Ben Thompson, MD

Ben Fontenot, MD

Nirmala Tumarada, MD

James Jancuska, MD

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