Beauregard Parish schools plan for new year amid pandemic

Beauregard Parish schools plan for new year

BEAUREGARD PARISH, La. (KPLC) - Beauregard Parish schools, like many across the Lake Area and nation, transitioned to an online classroom when the pandemic hit.

With less than a month away, Beauregard Parish Superintendent Timothy Cooley said they are trying to make the best determination for the upcoming school year.

“We would love to come back face-to-face and have our students in the classroom and have them with teachers on the campuses,” Cooley said. “In the event, we are in a phase where we can’t do that with all of our students, we have been discussing a hybrid model.”

Cooley said they are creating a plan that would allow their elementary school students to come back to campus for in-person classes.

“The key right now with elementary is the fact that keeping them in static groups and we feel like we have the plans in place that we can keep those students in static groups, move them from class to class if they are in a class changing situation,” Cooley said.

For junior high and high school students, they’re considering a hybrid model that would include both in-person and virtual classes.

“I think we would be looking at A and B days in which we will bring part of our students in, and the other days would be virtual classroom when they’re not face-to-face, so we’re working on that.”

From following CDC guidelines to determining how to provide transportation, Cooley said there are a lot of factors to consider before making a determination.

“Our bus drivers and our bus transportation supervisor and director is working with them right now to estimate how many students are going to require transportation on buses so that we can make sure that we meet those needs,” Cooley said. “But we do not know what the future holds, and we will have to follow those guidelines if we want to get our students back in school and educate them to the best of our ability.”

Parents are able to opt their students out of in-person classes entirely, by contacting their schools directly.

Beauregard Parish schools will be making their final determination for the upcoming school year late next week.

Read Superintendent Cooley’s letter below:

Many parents are considering alternative educational options for their children due to COVID-19, and the Beauregard Parish school system stands ready to help parents and educate students. Our school system has invested countless hours of training for our professional educators to be proficient in Google Classroom, and we have conducted a successful Beauregard Virtual Program for a decade. Additionally, we have built up our technological capacity by expanding internet capabilities throughout the parish to support virtual learning, and we have purchased devices needed to allow students to learn from home.

Parents who are considering virtual education may contact their school administration about the options available for students Kindergarten – 12th grade through Beauregard Parish schools.

Our school system is capable and ready to provide the devices, the rigorous state-approved curriculum, local educators, and parental support to engage students in effective virtual learning while allowing students access to their school’s extra-curricular programs and activities. Your child will continue to be a vital part of his or her school community while learning from home and will be able to easily transition to the school environment when parents are ready to make that choice.

Please consider the virtual education opportunities through your local Beauregard Parish school and contact your school today for more information.

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