LDH’s new ‘outbreak settings’ tab identifies where COVID-19 outbreaks are happening

Dr. Billoux on COVID-19 outbreak settings

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Louisiana health officials released data on where COVID-19 is spreading in the state based on what they’re learning through contact tracing and reports.

The new data added by the Louisiana Department of Health provides information on the number of outbreaks reported and the number of cases health officials have been able to associate with that. The associated cases reported were in non-congregate settings.

Information on July 8. The information will be updated every week.
Information on July 8. The information will be updated every week. (Source: Louisiana Department of Health)

While breaking down the top five outbreak settings in the state on Wednesday, Dr. Alexander Billoux said this is the information they’re actually able to get through contact tracing and reports.

“It represents likely a significant underestimation of these different settings in the overall cases,” Dr. Billoux said. “You could imagine somebody not being quite clear on where they were, not recalling how they spent their day, or really being able to recall that they were at that bar.”

The top five settings reported Wednesday were bars, industrial settings, restaurants, food processing and colleges/universities.

“Some of these settings are so prominently being found through contact tracing and reporting,” Dr. Billoux said. “The fact that we have some of these settings certainly represents something of concern for us.”

An outbreak is defined as two or more cases among unrelated individuals that have visited a site within a 14-day time period, LDH said.

LDH reported there were four outbreaks at casinos, which 38 cases were tied to.

The state department will update this information every Wednesday.

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