Dexter Washington to take over Hamilton Christian head football coaching duties in 2020

Dexter Washington to take over Hamilton Christian head football coaching duties in 2020
Dexter Washington will now serve as the head coach for football and basketball while also maintaining his athletics director duties. (Source: KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - The Hamilton Christian football program will see change once again at head coach. Although this time around it’ll be a familiar face taking over. HCS athletics director and head basketball coach Dexter Washington will assume head coaching duties following Jules Sullen’s departure for McNeese.

“When I met with the administration, one of the things I told them is that it’s late for me to go out and search for a football coach and bring them in. I didn’t want our kids to have to face another new head coach after some have already had three different coaches,” said Washington. “I felt like what the players needed was familiarity, someone that they knew and someone that they could trust. Naturally with me being the basketball coach, I mostly know all the kids anyway. It made a lot of sense with the administration part of it and the COVID-19 pandemic going on that I would go back and resume coaching football.”

Washington has over a decades’ worth of football coaching experience with the Warriors, serving as both offensive and defensive coordinator during his time with the school. Last year was the first season in years Washington wasn’t a full-time football coach for HCS as he was more of an on-field analysis for the team.

Washington said Sullen left the program in great shape to compete and win this season.

“He left a building block for the kids from the weight room to the practice style to the desire to win. It’s not gonna be hard to carry that part of it on because he rebuilt that part for us. He rebuilt the desire to go and lift weights, the desire to practice and the desire to compete every night,” said Washington of Sullen. “That’s one component that I’m not going to have to go and try to fix.”

The Warriors’ basketball program has become one of the premier teams in the state under Washington’s lead. Each of the last four seasons, HCS has made or surpassed the semifinal round. Washington said he aims to take a similar approach to how he coaches basketball and hire a pair of coordinators to run their systems this season.

“I learned to work smarter in basketball because of my assistant coaches. I am not going to wait to work smarter in football. I am in the process of getting guys in that can come in and implement systems on both sides of the football,” said Washington. “I will be the one sticking up my finger if we want to go for one or two points or if we are punting or not.”

Washington said he aims to work with both his coordinators while not micromanaging.

With yet another title added to Washington’s workload, he envisions a busy school year.

“I am going to start and I won’t stop until March,” Washington said. “I don’t stop until then anyway, but I am talking now about hands-on decision making from the administration level to football and basketball while managing the entire sports department.”

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