Momma C’s cooking class

Momma C’s cooking class

MOSS BLUFF, La. (KPLC) - Cooking from scratch can be a challenge for some but one Moss Bluff woman’s passion for teaching and cooking might just save your next meal.

Instructor Caran Shaheen explains how Momma C’s cooking class came to be, “I had five kids of my own and their friends always hung out at my house. We were always cooking and people would say “Can my child come over and come cook with you?” So finally one year I said, “Hey, let’s try and see if I can actually teach classes.”

This Shaheen’s first time either. She’s been teaching this class for a decade now.

“This is my 10th year to do it. I decided just to teach kids things that people don’t really do that much anymore. So everything we make, we make from scratch. I teach them you know how to make the things, what goes in it. I teach them how to sew, teach them etiquette, table settings, and I teach them a lot of life lessons. Life skills that they can carry-on.”

Each year the class takes on a different theme, “This year we’re just doing a throwback to the 70s. We’re doing chicken à la King with King Ranch chicken that everybody used to make. We made Watergate and Jell-O salads and we’re going to make pot pies. We’re going to make a lot of things that come in TV dinners like the Salsberry steak, the carrots, and all that kind of stuff that comes in a TV dinner.”

And Shaheen says it’s all for the kids, “I absolutely love children. I love teaching kids. If I can teach them anything, I want to teach them things they can use later in life and I pray that whenever they’re older they can say “I took a cooking class and I learned this” and that kind of things because I always want to be a part of their memory.”

Each year Momma C donates some of the food cooked by the campers to the Ward 1 Fire Department and the Sheriff’s Department in Moss Bluff as a way to show their support.

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