ACTS Theatre rehearsing virtually

ACTS Theatre rehearsing virtually

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - A Lake Charles theatre group has been busy rehearsing virtually the last few months.

After the postponement of the production “Once Upon A Mattress” in April, ACTS Theatre began virtual and modified rehearsals to help with social distancing.

Actor Bobby Guillory explained what got him into acting in the first place, “Well, actually it started in high school quite a long time ago. What was great about acting was when I got on the stage I didn’t have to be me. That could be this completely other person and create this completely new character. It was just so freeing. And even now as an adult, it’s the camaraderie with the other actors.”

Markie Hebert says they were just about to put on the production when they had to postpone, “We are a group of volunteers. People who have come through one way or another and just really fell in love with what we do here. We were supposed to put “Once Upon a Mattress” on stage at the end of April. We weren’t able to do that but the show is almost ready to go When we started.”

Guillory says the virtual rehearsals have had some challenges but they were able to push through.

“Theatre is something that is difficult to do when you’re not all together. So we started coming up with ideas. We had several zoom rehearsals. When we were able to be with fewer people we would come in and just have a few characters at a time in through those two measures in the wearing of a mask. And through all those measures we were able to continue.”

Hebert says they think they have something special in this production and that they needed to keep going, “We have a great cast and we’ve built up a lot of momentum. We didn’t want to lose that. That was one of the things that kind of kept us going. “Once Upon a Mattress” Basically the story of the Princess and the pea. It’s a little bit different. It’s got a little bit more involved in it than just the queen in the pea under the mattress. To me, the show is about being who you are and being true to who you are and never let people get you down and tell you what to do.”

The production date for “Once Upon A Mattress” is still in planning.

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