Some restaurants announce temporarily closure due to coronavirus concerns

Some SWLA restaurants temporarily closing

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Two weeks after restaurants reopened their doors in Southwest Louisiana for dine-in services, some are already temporarily closing their doors because of coronavirus concerns.

Nina P’s and Luna’s Bar and Grill took to Facebook Friday morning to announce their temporary closures.

“One of our employees informed us that she was at a party, and at that party, a young boy had tested positive for COVID and that he was very sick,” said Paulina Sieburth, owner of Nina P’s Cafe. “She also informed us that several of them had left the party and went to several more places here in town and she had heard that several other young people had tested positive for COVID.”

Due to the possible exposure, Sieburth said they had to temporarily close.

“We just got our crew retrained again,” Sieburth said. “Everybody was happy, life felt like it was going back to normal, and then unfortunately this situation had to happen.”

Luna’s Bar and Grill had a similar situation.

“Most of my employees here are under the age of 26 or 27, most being 85 percent of them,” said owner Dave Evans. “When things got lifted, and folks started enjoying themselves again and hanging out.”

Both restaurant owners said what happened was out of their control - prior to this, they were taking all of the necessary precautions from masking, to increasing sanitation practices.

“It’s hard we’re not at 100 percent staff we don’t have everybody here,” Evans said. We’re struggling to make enough things happen, for people that we may not have enough people to make it happen for. So please be patient, please think twice, please think about your gut and your heart and how this is affecting all of us.”

Both Nina P’s and Luna’s said they will evaluate whether or not they will be able to offer pick-up orders on Monday. OB’s Bar and Grill also took to Facebook to announce a temporary closure, but just for this weekend.

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