LHSAA explains how schools will be monitored after extended school year period

LHSAA explains how schools will be monitored after extended school year period
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Just like every sports organization, the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) is trying to navigate uncharted waters when it comes to getting its sports programs back up and running and unlike major college programs or professional teams, high schools tend to have various infrastructure challenges.

The top priority is everyone’s safety, which is why the association says it extended the school year and its typical out-of-season rules.

However, once the extended school year period ends and moves into Phase 2, along with the state of Louisiana, as executive director Eddie Bonine explained, then sports programs can begin to gather in slightly larger groups.

“The only reason why we extended the school year, Chris, is because not everybody would be ready to do the stuff we have to do - the temperature checks, the sanitization, all the stuff you have to do,” said Bonine. “Anytime a kid lays down on a bench press and benches and does his set, that has to be disinfected every single time. Who’s prepared to do that? We’ve given them an opportunity now to do that if they choose to do that. That’s their business. If they choose not once we get to summer rules, then it boils down to the local education association, the LEA, which would be the principal, superintendent, or others designated to monitor that.”

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Monday, June 8 is now the target date when summer workouts can begin. The timeline is in alignment with the Phase 2 re-opening timeline set forth by Gov. John Bel Edwards. It would allow groups of 25, including coaches, to convene.

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