Music teacher using online lessons to help student

Music teacher using online lessons to help student

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - One Lake Charles music teacher is using online lessons to help minimize the disruption in the routine of a student with a passion for music.

The owner of Village Music School, Jeremy Boudreaux, says the most important thing for a student of music is consistency, “When Cade came on board about three years ago you could tell music was something that he was very interested in, specifically drums.”

Cade Dalme is Boudreaux’s student and always knew he loved playing the drums.

“It’s just something to listen to and just relax and whenever I play, to also just relax. Hear the sound of my own drum,” Cade says. “I’m glad that I can continue doing what I like to do.”

Cade’s mother, Michal Sanchez, says they were fortunate to have the opportunity to keep up with his lessons online.

“Routine is something very important with Cade. Being on the autism spectrum anything with changes with these kids, it can completely throw off their day,” she said. “We were fortunate enough that Jeremy was going to do his lessons online. It gave him that little something to look forward to.”

She says, “The amount of growth that I’ve seen, he’s more confident in himself you know. It’s a great thing for him. I love it!”

And his teacher is just happy to give Cade the support he had going up.

“I was very fortunate to have supportive parents and supportive educators in my life, who felt the same and gave it to me,” says Boudreaux. “Now I’m able to give that to other people.”

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