Hackett’s Cajun Kitchen closes its doors due to COVID-19

Rice-and-gravy plate lunch favorite Hackett’s closes doors

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Several Lake Area businesses have seen significant impacts due to the pandemic, including not being able to keep their doors open.

Karen Hackett, the owner of Hackett’s Cajun Kitchen, spoke to KPLC on her decision to close Hackett’s doors after serving up plate lunches to Lake Charles for decades.

“We've been here for thirty-two years,” says Hackett. “Charlie, he was my husband, he wanted to have this place more than anything. So we worked our behinds off in here."

Hackett’s Cajun Kitchen was closed for two months due to the pandemic which caused serious financial strain. “I just decided the stress was too much. I’m 73 and it’s time for me to quit.”

“The coronavirus started it out. Then the price of beef has skyrocketed. The steak and gravy is our mainstay. I don’t think we’d be able to make it financially with beef as high as it is. Pork will eventually skyrocket. Chicken, if you can find it, is ridiculous.”

During the restaurant’s closing day, several people stopped by to see if it was really true - and to say goodbye.

In a span of ten minutes, several people walked up to the door and read the sign that says “closed permanently.”

“I came over here on my lunch break to come check it out because I had seen on Facebook, but they’re already closed,” said Matthew.

“We’re going to be at a loss. We’re definitely going to miss the plate lunches, the sausage, the jerky, the boudin, the people. Walking in and seeing miss Karen at the desk, seeing Denise and her crew behind the counters,” said Tony Rogers.

Hackett says the feeling is mutual. “It makes me want to cry. It’s hard to see them come up and know they want to come in. I just - I know Charlie is watching and very proud that we were here for as long as we were and did the very best we could.”

She says she couldn’t have done it without Denise, Melissa, and the crew by her side.

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