McNeese State University honors new students in virtual ceremony

McNeese State University honors new students in virtual ceremony

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - As the senior class of 2020 embarks on their future journeys McNeese State University celebrates a new chapter in the life of their future cowboys.

In a virtual ceremony, incoming freshmen from across the globe were being honored and recognized for their academic scholarships.

“This is the time of year where we would normally hear from their high schools and many of us would actually go and visit their schools and participate in their awards ceremonies," says Dr. Toby Ozburn. “Call their names, read off the scholarship award that they were receiving from McNeese. Instead of taking it on the road we put it on the road through social media.”

Dr. Ozburn says even though they honor the students in the way they usually would McNeese still wanted to congratulate them, “We wanted to be sure that these young men and women get the recognition that they deserve we’re looking at grades, academic achievement and performance, but we’re also looking at their investment, involvement in their schools, in their community, leadership, participation in clubs, organizations, service activities.”

And the students that worked so hard to get those scholarships certainly appreciated the gesture.

“I think we’ve all worked super hard to get to where we are,” says Kathryn Parmentier. “The university scholars award from McNeese is the scholarship that I was recognized for. You had to have at least a 27 on your ACT. I was super excited, my college was paid for and I could stay close to my family.”

To all of the students who are graduating and to all that will be starting new lives in college, congratulations on all your hard work.

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