Ty Montgomery eager to showcase versatile skillset in New Orleans

Ty Montgomery eager to showcase versatile skillset in New Orleans
Newly-signed Saints running back Ty Montgomery meets with the media via video conference (Source: New Orleans Saints Zoom videoconference)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Sean Paytons has always valued versatility in his offense. From the early days of Reggie Bush to the more recent evolution of Taysom Hill and most recently, the drafting of Tommy Stevens, Payton has looked to create mismatches in favor of the Saints offense.

The latest addition is sixth-year pro Ty Montgomery, who entered the league as a wide receiver for the Packers before in-season injuries to Green Bay’s backfield forced him to running back. After stints in Green Bay, Baltimore and with the Jets, he finds himself with the Saints “Talking with ex-teammates, we just discussed how New Orleans would be a perfect fit for me," Montgomery told members of the press Monday via video conference. "I remember a year where it was Mark and Alvin, you didn’t know who was a starter...both of those guys had a lot of production.”

Montgomery has never rushed more than 100 times, nor caught more than 50 passes in a season but he is a threat to do either when he is on the field “I’ve always said I don’t necessarily have to fit into a box. I can sit in a running back room and still do things as a wide receiver and sit in a recover room and still do things as a running back. My ultimate goal is to play and help the team any way I can.”

Beyond offensive play, Montgomery also has experience as a kick returner and believes his personality will be a good fit with the Saints’ culture “It seems like it’s a fun atmosphere from the outside looking in. I’ve never heard any bad things about New Orleans, everybody loves it. Training camp is hard, everybody works hard but everybody has fun so I’m excited for that.”

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