Accident survivor pays it forward with face shields for medical personnel

Accident survivor pays it forward with face shields for medical personnel

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -May 5, 2010 a horrific two vehicle crash kills two women and injures Beth Zilbert so badly, for eight months, they didn’t know if her arm could be saved. It was saved and she now lives a life she loves in Texas where she has eight grandchildren.

"I have the best, without having to go through that phase of their teenage years and tell you they hate you,” she says, after finding love and settling in Houston.

But Beth, always an advocate for one cause or another, has now donated face shields for front line medical personnel who cared for her at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital. And now, her adopted little sister works there as a nursing assistant.

"My wonderful little sister Ariel, at the time of my wreck, which was ten years ago this month, was one of the bright and shiny stars, out of many bright and shiny stars, who helped me not only survive but help me embrace that surviving was a gift," said Zilbert.

Ariel Dupre says Beth has been an inspiration since they were matched in a mentoring program when she was ten.

"She is amazing, and she's always cared about everyone around her. Not only me, but she loves to dote upon the people I work with because of the impact they had on her and the community that they still have," said Dupre.

Nurse Michelle Peltier, who admitted Beth after the accident, appreciates her kindness now.

"Not being able to tell what's going to happen in the future and everything, knowing that we have the support of the community, it be able to have that extra is definitely appreciated," said Peltier.

Beth says the reusable face shields are 3D printed at a nonprofit in Shreveport and sold for $6.50 apiece. She says it’s the least she can do for those who helped her through the worst time of her life.

“I got in touch with them and said, 'How 'bout we send a box of those to the very people who used to care for me so that. in some way, I can give back and care for them, help protect them. Because they helped me remember that life is a gift so let me protect the gift of their lives,” she said.

And it’s a gesture they all seem to appreciate.

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