Foundation of Hope Food Bank asks public for donations

Updated: May. 14, 2020 at 9:08 AM CDT
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VINTON, La. (KPLC) - With many people across the state feeling the economic effects of the pandemic the Vinton food bank is trying its best to keep up with demand.

Christian Life Church’s Foundation of Hope Food Bank has also seen the need for groceries rising throughout the parish.

Senior Pastor of Christian Life Church, Don Snider, says he’s seen a lot more people in need of the food bank these days, " I decided to set up a food bank and that was about 5 years and 10 months ago. Before the pandemic, we were helping around 2,600 people a month.. three bags of groceries each. Since the pandemic, we started helping about 1,000 above that."

Laura Stark, who coordinates the food bank’s distribution, noted that it’s becoming difficult to meet the increasing demand towards the end of the month, “We’re getting so many new members. And it’s people that have no idea how they’re going to feed their family next week or even tonight. We get a food truck on the first of the month so we’re fine until about the second week. Then we’re totally out of food and we have nothing to give them. So any type of frozen food, meat, bread, canned goods, vegetables, fruits, if it would feed your family, then it’s gonna feed another family.”

Those that use the food bank are thankful for what the church can provide.

“I appreciate everything they do for us," said Larry Doyle who was participating at the food bank. “Give us food during this virus. I think they’re doing a good job for the Lord."

Stark says that she hopes there are people out there who will consider contributing to the food bank to help those in need, “Well I think there’s a lot of people out there that want to make a difference during this time. They just don’t know how. This is a way and let’s help our community get back to where it needs to be.”

And to any who want to participate, Pastor Snider says, “You can bring any grocery items to 1805 West St. in Vinton. There’s someone here every day that can take it from them as well. Just believe that God will provide it.”

If you’d like to help the food bank you can also contact them on their Facebook page HERE.

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