LSU’s 2021 recruiting class holds nationwide appeal

LSU’s 2021 recruiting class holds nationwide appeal
Kiner plays for Roger Bacon in Ohio. (Source: Corey Kiner)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Coach Orgeron landed his 10 commitment for the class of 2021 with running back Corey Kiner. Following an early trend with the group, Kiner is an out-of-state commit. Nine out of the 10 recruits hail from outside of "The Boot." So how did the Tigers pull in the Cincinnati native? A strong bond with running backs coach Kevin Faulk.

“Just my relationship with Coach Faulk and Coach O throughout the recruiting process. Just them letting me know how much better of a person and player I could be in their system, their school. That just really set it up right there,” said Roger Bacon High School running back Corey Kiner.

A video game also had an assist with Kiner’s LSU recruitment.

"I did know him as a player with the Patriots, because I used to play with him in Madden a couple of times. My cousin used to play with the Patriots in Madden. So I knew about him from that. But I didn’t put a name to a face. Once my father told me LSU was recruiting me. ‘he was like Corey do you know who this?’ I’m like it’s Coach Faulk. He’s like, ‘no this is Super Bowl-winning Coach Faulk,' said Kiner.

Under Coach O, LSU’s recruiting net has gone nationwide. West Coast, East Coast, and everywhere in between, they’re on it. The Tiger brand so powerful, recruits commit without ever visiting the Baton Rouge campus.

“I haven’t been down there to visit yet. But I always seen it on TV as a kid growing up. I was always felt that was the place I wanted to be,” said Kiner.

It’s been ten years since LSU grabbed a recruit from Cincinnati. 2010, it was also a running back, Spencer Ware. He’s played five seasons so far in the NFL. Covering the Tigers,

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