Ed Orgeron confident in team as coaches return to work

Ed Orgeron confident in team as coaches return to work
LSU pass rusher Marcel Brooks hauls down Florida quarterback Kyle Trask for a sack (Source: Mark Lagrange)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - As the state of Louisiana phases away from a complete lockdown due to Coronavirus, LSU Coach Ed Orgeron is proud to claim that his coaching staff is the first to return to their operations building in the country.

“I want to give a lot of credit to Scott Woodward and our president for allowing us to come back to work," Orgeron told ESPN Radio in Baton Rouge Tuesday morning. "We believe that we’re the first staff in America to come back to work full-time. Shelley Mullenix did a tremendous job of giving us a protocol of exactly the things we have to do to get in the office, take our temperature, wear our masks, be safe and make sure we’re following proper protocol to get back to work.”

The staff has been busy recruiting and developing their plan of attack for 2020. One of the keys will be replacing Joe Brady on offense with Scott Linehan “The chemistry has been fantastic and I talked to Mickey Joseph, who is our assistant head coach there, and he says ‘Coach, it’s better than it’s ever been. Everybody is working.’ Scott doesn’t have a big ego, he’s been around Steve. Last week we were game planning red zone, Scott had some stuff up on the board, they were all talking. It seems like they get along very well together. I think the biggest thing for us on offense is continuing to raise LSU’s standard of performance and find out exactly what this new personnel can do. We all know we’ve got the players, we know what Joe and those guys could do, but let’s see what Myles can do, let’s see what Max can do, let’s see what TJ can do, let’s see what our receivers can do and then put that all together.”

LSU had a record-14 players drafted in April, including six on defense, led by pass rush specialist K’Lavon Chaisson. Marcel Brooks worked in tandem with Chaisson much of the season on Dave Aranda’s famed “Cheetah” package full of speed. Heading into his sophomore season, Brooks is a central figure of new coordinator Bo Pellini “First of all, we have to put him on the field," Orgeron said. "The guy is a force on the field - he’s fast, he can make plays, very aggressive. We’re going to put him as stack linebacker right now. He’s learning it right now, doing very well. He’s up to 210 pounds. This guy is one of the fastest players on our field. He’s putting the weight on and I think he’s going to have an excellent year.”

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