McNeese’s Cori McCrary remains thankful to “relive” senior season in 2021

McNeese’s Cori McCrary remains thankful to “relive” senior season in 2021

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - “Nobody thought that it was going to get this bad, obviously. But, now looking back at it, we had to do this, everybody is safe and that’s all that matters,” Cori McCrary said.

That’s the thought process today, but two months ago everyone was confused as the coronavirus shook the sports world. But with the NCAA granting spring-sport student-athletes another year of eligibility as a result of the virus, seniors like McNeese’s Cori McCrary are taking advantage.

“That’s probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make so far. You put in all this work up until your senior season. Everyone wants to have their senior year. You want to see all your work come to life your senior season and having that cut short and then having the opportunity to go back and re-live it. In the end, now that I’ve made the decision, there’s no other option," Cori McCrary said. "I have to go back and play my senior year if I have the opportunity.”

Prior to her time in Lake Charles, McCrary spent a few years at the JUCO level as well as UL Lafayette, but neither one made her feel the way McNeese did.

“I came on the campus and I knew what I was looking for in a coach and I knew what I was looking for in a program. I wanted to win, and I wanted to be developed as a player," said Cori McCrary.

And she was.

In 2019, McCrary finished with a .305 average while clubbing three home runs. She followed that up in 2020 batting .377 through 23 games. In just a quarter of the at-bats, McCrary had matched her home run total from the season prior. She was playing the best softball of her college career. Despite the pandemic canceling the season in its tracks, McCrary isn’t bitter to what could have been, instead, she believes the pandemic is something we can learn from.

“I think that this year being gone before you even get started, it just goes to show you that anything can happen. Things can get taken away from you. Enjoy it while you can," Cori McCrary said.

McCrary remains thankful she gets to re-do her senior season. But will never forget that she’ll be the oldest one on the roster.

“I feel like by the time I get out of here, I am going to be walking out on a cane,” Cori McCrary said.

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