Crossfit 171 going the extra mile

Crossfit 171 going the extra mile

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Staying fit and healthy can be a little challenging these days with gyms across the state closed.

But one Moss Bluff gym is finding new ways to provide motivation and help people along their fitness journey.

“CrossFit means community and finding out that you are a lot stronger than you think you are,” says Angela Moriss who owns Crossfit 171. “When it came out that I could no longer hold classes, I was devastated.”

From holding classes online to providing a safe outside environment for small groups Angela has been working to keep those who used to frequent her gym active, “When you’re at home you’re not very motivated to do your own workouts. I have provided zoom workouts. As far as holding workouts at the house, only four people at a time, we space people 6 plus feet apart. Each member is instructed to keep their equipment at their station. I wanted to do that because they’re my family.”

And while Angela is careful to follow health and safety requirements that hasn’t stopped her from helping out and spreading some cheer, “There’s set limits where I can’t do what I know how to do so it’s pushing me to take a different avenue. Today is Cinco de Mayo we went out and I wore a sombrero and we gave out little treats and toilet paper.”

And those in the classes seem to agree.

“In times like these you really get to see a person’s character, and for her, it’s all about service," says Brook Hanemann. “Knowing that Angela is there any day of the week to give you suggestions, to give you different ideas, to keep you motivated, to keep things fresh, it’s just a real great gift.”

Along with giving classes, Angela has also loaned workout equipment to her gym members as well as helped add meter marks to their yards so they can stay motivated and moving.

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