LSU makes final three list for Ehret safety Kaine Williams

LSU makes final three list for Ehret safety Kaine Williams
Kaine Williams will decide what school he's attending on May 15th. (Source: Kaine Williams)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The easy thing to do for high school football players is to relax on the sofa, play some video games, chill. There’s no football right now, but that’s not the case for Kaine Williams. The John Ehret safety is upping his game during this global pandemic.

“I still been doing what I have to do. Stay in shape. Been going to the park sometimes to get some field work. I’ve been running, going to the levees. Running on the track, stuff like that. I’ve been lifting weights by one of my friends house. Before all this happen, I was like at 207, 208, now I’m at 200. So I actually lost pounds during this quarantine. Everybody thought I was going to gain pounds, just sitting at home eating all that, but I’ve been working,” said Kaine Williams.

Williams is down to three schools he’ll possibly attend. Texas A&M, Alabama, or LSU. The safety will make his final decision on May 15th.

“I want to stay in the SEC. Those three schools, they always on TV. So I’ll go to one of those schools. I’ll get playing time, people will see me, and it’s the better schools for my position,” said Williams.

West Bank legend, Mickey Joseph, is leading the Tigers recruitment of Williams. Joseph laid out a clear future for Williams if he attends LSU.

“He said I go there, get on the field, three years I’ll be getting ready for the draft,” said Williams.

They had 14 guys go, so obviously there’s some credence to that.

“Yes sir,”i said Willams.

Rivals recruiting service ranks Williams the 4th best safety in the country, so he has nothing left to prove on the field. But, Williams is hungry for more accolades in 2020.

“There’s a couple of things I want to get better at. I want to have more interceptions, more forced fumbles, more tackles. Other than that, try to get to a state championship,” said Williams.

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