LSU keeps an eye on St. James WR Shazz Preston

LSU keeps an eye on St. James WR Shazz Preston
LSU has offered Shazz Preston.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Standing 6'1", weighing 185 pounds, sophomore receiver Shazz Preston is like a spider web on the football field. He catches almost everything thrown his way.

“Any place the ball goes, I’ll most likely come down with it. So I’m just dangerous,” said St. James WR Shazz Preston.

“I’m on record saying Shazz is going to be the No.1 receiver in the country his senior year. Shazz can run. he can catch any ball you throw to him, and he’s learning to run routes like a real receiver needs to run,” said trainer Ernest Harvey.

The St. James product is rated one of the top receivers in the country for the class of 2022. Preston, isn’t consumed by all the attention.

“All I do is work. I don’t let the hype get in my head. I just be cool,” said Preston.

Preston is only a sophomore, so he has a lot of time to make his college decision. His brother, Shawn, plays at Mississippi State, so big bro can help give intel on the recruiting process.

“I looked at his process, and how it went. I seen the do’s and the dont’s. I just went off his back,” said Preston.

Preston is only 16 years old, but all the big-time programs in the country are already on notice about his unique skillset. That includes a school right up the road he visited last season, LSU.

“Me and my mom went. My dad didn’t go, because my brother had to play. It was a good experience. The fans were just hyped. The fans were loving it. Environment was just big coming into the game,” said Preston.

In the meantime, Preston’s full focus is collecting more hardware for St. James.

“I’m looking for a 3-peat right now, because I’m only a sophomore, I’m looking for a 3-peat. My coaches, my teammates, I just thank them for the process they bring me right now,” said Preston.

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