Reopening Louisiana: PAR poses seven key questions

Reopening Louisiana: PAR poses seven key questions
Experts say a sturdy coronavirus testing infrastructure is a key component to prevent a resurgence (Source: Theresa Schmidt kplc)

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -Louisiana’s Public Affairs Research Council (PAR) says economic constraints, shutdowns and reduction in business activities have caused unimaginable unemployment.

Yet, the research organization has identified seven key questions that need to be addressed to successfully open the state’s economy.

As anxious as people are to see the economy open again, many fear moving too fast or without proper planning, could result in COVID-19 outbreaks that send it back to square one.

The Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana finds that the success of opening will depend on seven key questions: First, is the state’s ability to test and track sturdy enough to stay ahead of the epidemic.

Robert Travis Scott is the president of PAR.

“And that may be the private sector working with that, the public sector, our public sector facilities working with that and some of the major retailers and between all of that we may have the testing infrastructure we need,” said Scott.

Question two: What markers or benchmarks will be used to decide whether to move ahead or pull back?

“It may be hospital capacity or equipment capacity in order to deal with people. ICU ventilator supplies, that sort of thing,” he said.

Third: What will happen when there’s a second wave of virus?

“We’ll have to prepare ourselves and manage our expectations if that’s gonna happen and know what the consequences are going to be based on the benchmarks,” said Scott.

Four: Local control. Should mayors and local leaders have a say in how their economies open up?

Five: Are health care businesses ready to assume the forefront of the reopening?

“You want to make sure that all the health care workers on the front lines treating the coronavirus have all the masks, ventilators, all the various equipment that they would need to do their jobs,” he said.

Six: Liability. Will businesses be able to resume operations without significant legal liabilities regarding the health of their employees or customers?

And finally, will the reopening consider and benefit the smallest of businesses?

Scott says other issues include sufficient child care and transportation which will make a big difference in employment.

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