Animal adoptions still happening in Calcasieu Parish

Animal adoptions still happening in Calcasieu Parish

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Adopting a pet can sometimes be a slow process, but since the coronavirus outbreak, the Lake Area Animal Hospital which also does animal adoptions has seen an increase in adoptions.

“We used to have so many animals left from adoption and sometimes they would take weeks, to months, to years to even get adopted but since the coronavirus has started, adoptions have skyrocketed," said Veterinary Technician, Maygan Juneau. "We don’t have any more adoptions available except for like 3 cats, which is amazing.”

Even pets that were difficult to adopt out are finding their forever homes. Bernice, an older small dog, just recently got adopted.

While policies have changed at the veterinary hospital to accommodate social distancing practices, adoptions are still happening.

“We just ask if they want the see the animal, they call us before they get there and we’ll bring them out to them to visit and play and have fun to see if they mesh well together,” Juneau said.

Even though Calcasieu Parish Animal Services is closed, they explained animals are still being adopted through their transport partners out of Florida. Since the coronavirus outbreak, over 100 dogs and cats have been adopted in this way.

“I feel like, people are just at home and they have nothing to do so they think ‘let me go get an animal, let’s have fun like we have time, we can have a pet around, we can train them,’ Juneau said. "But while that’s a good thing it’s also kind of a bad thing. People need to realize this is going to end at some point so you need to make sure this is what you want even after the coronavirus is over.”

For more information on the pets available at the Lake Area Animal Hospital, click HERE.

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