Calcasieu Officials: To be part of the solution, stay home!

Calcasieu Officials: To be part of the solution, stay home!

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -Southwest Louisiana is seeing more cases of COVID-19-- but Dr. Lacey Cavanaugh says the current numbers likely reflect two to two and a half weeks ago, because of the lag in getting back test results.

She also says they are learning more about the risk factors for death. The top one: diabetes.

“We are tracking all the deaths within Louisiana. Right now, the biggest risk factor that we’ve pulled from that is that diabetes is the number one risk factor. It is in 40 per cent of the cases that have passed away in Louisiana. We have also 25 per cent of the cases that reported history of obesity,” she said.

She says many people who have the disease may not have symptoms-- more reason to stay home if at all possible-- a message emphasized at the briefing.

“So, you gotta pretty much assume at this point that any human you come into contact with could potentially have COVID and so that is why we are really pushing the strategy of staying away from other people even if they’re not sick because they could still be a carrier,” said Cavanaugh.

Many people are upset that others seem to be ignoring social distancing....and crowding into stores that are still open. Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter says, if people think the stay-at-home order is being violated, they should report it,whether it’s people or a business operating illegally.

We’re having some conversations with those businesses. It is really on a case by case basis, depending on the business. If someone does feel that a business is not abiding by the executive order of the governor they should email We will make contact with that business. We have already begun that process and are already seeing some results,” said Hunter.

A major issue is whether our hospitals and health care providers can handle increased capacity if necessary. Cavanaugh says they are working hard to prepare in case COVID-19 becomes more widespread here.

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