Volunteers help senior citizens grocery shop during COVID-19 pandemic

Volunteers help local senior citizens grocery shop

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Grocery shopping isn’t an easy task for senior citizens and people with underlying health issues, but one local man is stepping up to make sure they get the items they need.

Joshua Tannehill organized a volunteer group of shoppers after realizing many people in Southwest Louisiana need help, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have over 180 volunteers and we have close to 20 seniors who have signed up to the page to try to get help if they need it," Tannehill said.

While the need for assistance grows, so does the desire to help, which inspires Tannehill.

“Crises bring out the worst in humanity but they also bring out the best in humanity," Tannehill said. "Seeing over 180 folks here in our local town wanting to help out, it’s an emotional time but it’s good emotions.”

Tannehill said as our community continues to push through this pandemic, always remember to check on your neighbors and any local senior citizens.

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